Road Maintenance

About the Division

The division maintains approximately 60 miles of gravel roadways, 171 miles of paved roadways, and 21 traffic signals. Duties of the division include:
  • Asphalt and concrete repair
  • Continue to upgrade and monitor traffic signals throughout the county, including video detection and pedestrian crosswalk signals
  • Enhance the county’s investment in the transportation system through a safe and efficient maintenance program to ensure safe and well maintained roadways
  • Gravel road maintenance, including implementation / pavement of A/C grindings on gravel roadways as they become available, thus reducing maintenance costs, as well as addressing fugitive dust complaints in an effective and efficient manner
  • Roadside drainage maintenance
  • Roadway markings painting
  • Sign installations and maintenance
  • Snow removal
  • Traffic signal and street light operation and maintenance
  • Upgrade and improve drainage systems throughout the county within the county road rights of way.

Douglas County Road Maps

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