Brighter Days Preschool Inside Community Center

Douglas County has been offering a Pre-K Preschool since 1982. It is an outreach program sponsored by Douglas County Community Services/Parks & Recreation Department. It is our policy to accept all eligible children, regardless of racial, cultural, religious or social-economic backgrounds.


We believe that each child is a unique individual with many special abilities. Our job is to create a caring, loving and rich learning environment. Children can explore, create, and learn in their own way, experiencing social skills, music / movement, science / cooking, arts / crafts, and school readiness activities.

We also believe that interactions between generations develop strong bonds and life long friendships. In this type of environment young children will learn that all people and all ages can interact well together. The senior citizens and retired educators from the senior center will interact with the students and teachers on a regular basis, as volunteers and or visitors. Throughout the school year we will put on monthly shows, have lunches together, cook together, do crafts, and every day activities.


The preschool's activities are planned to benefit the child physically, mentally, socially, creatively, and intellectually. There will be a new lesson plan placed on the parent board every Monday. Our program includes daily activities; such as- calendar, songs, letter, numbers, shape, and color recognition, art, science, free play. Throughout the month there will be special events going on as well; such as- field trips, special visits with our senior friends, cooking projects, themed parties, and special birthday celebrations.

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