Master Plan Update 2016


The 2016 Douglas County Master Plan Update is Now Underway

During 2016, the Community Development Department will be working with residents, businesses, property owners, and community organizations to prepare the five-year update to the County’s Master Plan. There will be many opportunities for public input throughout the update process.


The Douglas County Master Plan provides guidance on the location of different types of development in order to protect public health, safety, and welfare. The Master Plan includes eleven different elements such as Land Use, Housing, and Transportation, as well as a five-year action plan to address specific development and quality of life issues within the County. The current Douglas County Master Plan was first adopted in April 1996 and was last updated in 2011. At a joint workshop on February 9, 2016, the Board of Commissioners and the Planning Commission gave direction to staff.  The minutes of the workshop are available here.

We Want to Hear From You

The public participation process for the 2016 Master Plan will include Community Workshops in June, stakeholder interviews, and a Master Plan Survey. 

The presentation from the Community Workshops may be viewed here.  A summary of comments from the four Community Workshops may be viewed here.

Workshop attendees completed questionnaires concerning the existing goals for their community plans.  The questionnaire responses may be viewed here.

The Master Plan Survey closed on July 31.  Thank you to the 898 persons who responded to the survey.  A report on the survey results will be posted on this web page in August.

Comments and suggestions on the Master Plan may be submitted at any time. Draft chapters will be posted for review and feedback during the summer and fall of 2016. 

The Douglas County Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners will hold public hearings on the Master Plan in early 2017.

Submit Comments 
To submit your Comments and Suggestions on the  Douglas County Master Plan, please contact Candace H. Stowell, AICP at 775- 580-7478 or via email.

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