Development Regulations - County Code

Development regulations, including zoning and land division regulations, are contained in the Douglas County Development Code (Title 20 of the Douglas County Code). The Development Code also contains floodplain management regulations (Chapter 20.50).

Land Use in Douglas County
The Land Use Element of the Douglas County Master Plan (2011) contains the future land uses for Douglas County. Douglas County has regional and community plans which cover all 737.7 square miles of the county.

Future Land Use Maps

There are 5 regional plans and 14 community plans in Douglas County.  The future land use maps for each area may be viewed or downloaded:
Official Zoning Maps
There are 26 base zoning districts and 8 zoning overlay districts in Douglas County. Each zoning district regulates the type and intensity of land uses permitted in each district. The Douglas County Official Zoning Maps below may be viewed or downloaded:
Additional Information
For information on land uses or development regulations in Douglas County, please contact Linda Doherty at 775-782-6217 or email

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