Economic Vitality Program

Economic Vitality Program
The Economic Vitality Program, established in 2010, strives to “Create a Community to Match the Scenery” by implementing 8 priority projects. All projects are accomplished by public / private / non-profit teams, and led by mostly private sector champions.

Three Focus Areas
  • Creating Distinctive Downtowns
  • Capitalizing on Outdoor Recreation & Lifestyle
  • Developing a Thriving Climate for Business & Learning
Eight Priority Projects
  • South Shore Vision Implementation
  • Valley Vision Implementation
  • K-12 Education Innovation
  • Accelerating Advanced Manufacturing
  • Open for Business
  • Transportation Attractions
  • Sports Aviation Destination
  • Tremendous Trails
Prior Projects Completed
  • Genoa Destination
  • Community and Senior Center - (opening in spring 2015)
Economic Vitality Strategy & Action Plan
Vital Progress
 2015 Economic Development Performance Measures Report
 2014 Economic Development Performance Measures Report
The Open for Business Project was featured at the 2014 Critical Issues Conference.

The county's work in Economic Vitality was featured in the Government Finance Review Journal.

A 2013 report on our progress is also available.

Prior Success Celebrated!
As part of the development of the Economic Vitality Plan in 2010 a gathering was held to recognize, promote and celebrate the significant progress that was made in Douglas county during the last decade. The State of the county PowerPoint celebrated the past decade of success.

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