Passenger Tips

Helpful Tips
When your DART Dial-A-Ride departure time is new, watch for your vehicle to arrive or wait by the curb. Be ready to board as soon as the vehicle arrives, as it can only wait a short time.
  • Senior Transportation: Senior Center, Medical / Dental appointments, local shopping (up to 4 bags per ride)
  • Personal Behavior: Eating and drinking are not allowed on buses*
  • Restricted items: vehicles that have run on gasoline like motorized scooters."
  • Ride Cancelations: Delays and cancelations are possible. Please call dispatch in advance to cancel your ride.*
  • On Time: on time is considered to be 15 minutes before or up to 15 minutes after your scheduled ride.
  • Shopping: If you are unable to carry your shopping items off of the DART bus, please remember to bring a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) to assist you. The DART drivers will not be able carry your items for you.
  • Children: DART Dial-A-Ride does not transport unattended children 11 years of age.
  • Animals: Only service animals are allowed to ride the bus. There is no additional fee for this.
  • Lost and Found: We are not responsible for nay items left on the vehicle. Wallets, purses, keys and medication will be turned in to the DART Administration office.
*The DART ADA and Senior Rider policies and procedures

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