What happens after I report a code violation?
In general the case is prioritized and usually a site inspection occurs within two business days. After a site inspection, the number and types of violations are recorded if they are present. An enforcement notice is written detailing codes violated, corrective action that is needed, and a due date that the violation(s) have to be corrected by. These notices are sent to the property owner and tenant if known. After the due date another inspection takes place. If the violations are corrected the case is closed. If the violations continue, a series of notices are sent. If the owner continues to choose not to correct the violations, cases can be referred to the District Attorney for criminal charges to be filed or Code Enforcement can assess civil penalties. Though most code cases are resolved in a short amount of time, on occasion a case will take months to come to a successful resolution due to the unwillingness of property owners or tenants.

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