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1. How do I report a code violation?
2. How do I report on street parking violations?
3. Do I need a Home Occupation Permit?
4. Where can I report barking dogs?
5. Do I need a Vacation Home Rental Permit?
6. What happens after I report a code violation?
7. Where can I park my RV, boat, or utility trailer?
8. I have family and friends coming. Can they stay in their RV in the street or my driveway?
9. My neighbor has garbaged piled up in their yard, can they do this?
10. What is considered junk, and how much can be stored on a property?
11. Can I keep chickens in my back yard?
12. My neighbor hasn't mowed their lawn in months, is this against code and what can be done?
13. Can I keep a metal cargo container on my property? It would come in handy for storage or making a guest house.
14. I think my neighbor built their new fence on my property. Can you make them remove it?
15. What temporary signs are allowed?
16. Can I set up a temporary/portable garage?
17. Can I keep my unregistered and unrestored 1977 AMC Gremlin in my driveway if it is under a tarp or car cover?
18. When I report a violation can I remain anonymous?